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How to get a new connection ?

If you need a new connection from BSPHCL, this is how you need to go about it ..

First, get the requisition form from nearest supply sub-division for your locality. You will be provided with this form free of cost!

Next, fill up this form (in duplicate) and submit it to the Assistant Electric Engineer at that sub-division.

You will be issued with a bill for processing your application as per the category of service connection and this amount should then be deposited by you as per the instructions. The application fees for different categories is as follows -

  Rs. 15.00 for domestic and commercial services

  Rs. 10.00 for agricultural service

  Rs. 20.00 for LT industrial service

  Rs. 50.00 for HT service

In order to qualify for such a service, you need to be either the lawful owner of the premises or a tenant with proper permission from the land lord. Attach such supporting documents with your application.

Remember that there should be no prior dues of BSPHCL pending against you or the premises for which the application is made !

If you are applying for a connection in the urban area, find out the account no., route no. and the pole no. of the nearest connection to that of your premises and make it available along with your application so that BSPHCL can quickly identify the location from which a connection can be provided. If the application asks for a connection in the rural area, provide the complete postal address.

Now comes the issue of finding out the type of wiring that you have had carried out at the site. BSPHCL expects a test report of the this along with details of load by a Licensed Electrical Contractor. In case of a HT connection, certificate from the manufacturer or a recognized lab for the type of electric work at the site will also be needed along with clearance certificate by an Electrical Inspector.

Then a survey of load will be carried out for you and a sanction for a specific volume of load will be granted. This exercise helps us determine how much you should be charged for service connection, what will be the expenditure on materials and how much should be your security deposit with the BSPHCL.

You will then need to deposit the amount prescribed. If the premises belong to a Partnership Firm, the partner who has been duly authorized by other partners can executed this part of exercise. In case of a Company, this will be done only by the Managing Director and in case of a govt. dept., the Secretary will execute this task. A copy of the Partnership Deed or Articles of Association must be submitted along with the list of Partners/Directors with their permanent and present postal addresses. A certificate of registration or incorporation with the govt. body should also be submitted.

All these necessary documents should be duly certified by the authorized person before their submission with a date and stamp.

The LT class domestic and commercial consumers are not required to execute separate agreement with the BSPHCL but they still must sign a declaration in the Requisition Form that will serve the purpose of a formal agreement.

On compliance of all the formalities, requisite service connection will be released on a parity basis. However, BSPHCL reserves the right to grant an out of turn connection as well.