1. New Connection
  2. Restore Connection
  3. Safety Guidelines
  4. Energy Conservation

How to get the connection restored ?

If your electrical connection was discontinued and now you need to have it restored, this is how you will go about it ..

First, submit a request for restoration of electric supply with the concerned Electrical Executive Engineer.

Your request will be processed for validity and a bill of disconnection/re-connection will be prepared for you by the Electric Executive Engineer.

Finally, after you have paid the bill your electric connection will be restored.


How the Billing System Works ?

If you are wondering how the energy billing system works, here is a brief outline of the process involved ...

After energization of any new connection, a Service Connection Report (SCR) is submitted by the concerned Junior Engineer or the Assistant Electrical Engineer to the billing section of the concerned sub-division of BSPHCL along with details like metering arrangement, initial meter reading, etc.

As per the predetermined cycle, you will receive your first energy bill. This will arrive usually within the first two months of getting a new connection.

The new bill will be prepared with the meter readings as noted down by the meter reader who will visit your premises.
This bill will have the last due date clearly mentioned on it and you are expected to deposit the charges mentioned therein before the due date is over.
Failing to deposit the energy charges within the period specified will result in disconnection of electric supply and a penalty of 2% of the bill amount will be imposed on you for every month that you fail to clear the dues.
If you have any grievance related to energy bill that you have received, please take up the matter with the concerned Assistant Electrical Engineer or the Executive Electrical Engineer of that area.
For smooth and continued service, do make sure that you pay the energy charges within the stipulated time. This will also entitle you to special rebates that BSPHCL offers to its consumers for timely payment of bills.