Notice Board

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1.06-12-2018List of Holidays for the calendar Year- 2019 vide Office Order No. 2212 dated 06.12.2018
2.03-12-2018The result of NIT No 31/PR/BSPHCL/2018 for note book, table calendar and Wall calendar for BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies.
3.01-12-2018Notice regarding contribution in Bihar State Electricity Board Officers Welfare Fund.
4.28-11-2018Notice Inviting investment proposal as per new PF Guidelines (Mof.) in Category-I with highest yield for Rs. 85 Crore.
5.24-11-2018Important Notice regarding Reschedule of Computer Based Test (CBT) of cancelled center for the post of Assistant Operator/ JLM/ SBO-II / Technician Gr.-IV against ENN-8/2018.
6.15-11-2018Notice inviting suggestion from BSPHCL and its subsidiaries's employees to purchase more books in BSPHCL Library.
7.08-11-2018General Instruction regarding selection of land for lease for the re-habitation of displaced people in BTPS, Begusarai.
8.06-11-2018Extension of Date for submission of online application due to Modifications/ Amendments in Employment Notice No.-10/2018 (Internal)
9.01-11-2018Regarding Exempation of Bio-Metric attendance on 01/11/18
10.31-10-2018Regarding committee organized for arrangement of Video conferencing at Bapu Sabhagar on 01.11.2018 vide O.O. No. 2033 dated 31.10.2018
11.31-10-2018Corrigendum regarding replacement of committee's member from sub-committee Column No.31 for Snack/Dinning Program at Bapu Sabhagar on 01.11.2018
12.31-10-2018Regarding pictorial view of Bapu Sabhagar for Entrance/Sitting Arrangement in the hall on the occasion of 6th Foundation of BSPHCL on 01.11.2018
13.31-10-2018Regarding invitation related information for the Occasion of 6th Foundation Day of BSPHCL and its subsidiaries on 01.11.2018 at Samrat Ashoka Convention Centre, Bapu Sabhagar , Gandhi Maidan.
14.31-10-2018Regarding partial modification in organized Committee for proper functioning of Dinning at Samrat Ashoka Convention Centre on 01.11.2018 vide O.O.No.2019 dated 30.10.2018
15.31-10-2018Regrading committee organized for the proper functioning of Cultural Program to be held on Samrat Ashoka Convention Centre , Bapu Sabhagar, Gandhi Maidan on 01.11 2018 vide O.O.No.2020 dated 30.10.2018
16.31-10-2018Regarding modification in organized committee for Welcome/Local Helping for Artist vide O.O.No.2021 dated 30.10.2018
17.31-10-2018Regarding Committee organized for the accommodation of Bus facility for BSPHCL employees from Board Colony to Bapu Sabhagar vide O.O. No.1957 dated 22.10.18
18.29-10-2018Regarding Compassionate Appointment order vide Office Order No. 2011 Dated 27.10.2018
19.27-10-2018Regarding eligibility criteria and educational qualification for recruitment on the post of JEE and JE (Civil).
20.24-10-2018Import Notice to save power at Work Place
21.24-10-2018Regarding Blood Donation Camp
22.24-10-2018Regarding Participation of interested members in "Patna Marathon 2018"
23.17-10-2018Leave on 20-10-2018 on eve of Durga Puja
24.16-10-2018Regarding Recruitment of internal Officers/Employees vide office order no 1918 dated 15/10/2018
25.09-10-2018Notice regarding last date of submission of application to give suggestion/opinion for decision of Yard Stick assessment and all other issues under "Term of Reference"of Account & Clerical Cadre.
26.09-10-2018Regarding suggestion/opinion seeking for analysis of Accounts & Clerical Cadre vide Letter No. 3728 dated 09.10.2018
27.03-10-2018Regarding sine die strike of Pragatishil Vidhyut Karmi Sanyukt Sangarsh Morcha, Bihar on 04.10.2018 at 6.00 AM.
28.01-10-2018Final Gradation List of JEE(Gen.)
29.26-09-2018Regarding modification in penalty charge for book returning in the BSPHCL library Swastika vide Office Order No.1761 dated 26.09.2018
30.25-09-2018Regarding modification in effective date of regularization of Assistant Operator Office Order No. 1758 dated 25.09.2018
31.25-09-2018Regarding restructure of Standing Counsel and sanctioned post for effective functioning of court cases vide Office Order No. 1754 dated 25.09.2018
32.25-09-2018Regarding inclusion of Miss. Rohini Prasad in the panel of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India vide Office Order No. 1753 dated 25.09.2018
33.18-09-2018Regarding Participation of interested members of Vidyut Parivar under "Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav" Yojana
34.12-09-2018Regarding provision of Breakfast/Lunch to New Delhi guest house/office to Vehicle driver
35.05-09-2018Regarding order for the employee seeking/doing part time/full time course during office hours vide Office order no. 1614 dated 05.09.2018
36.04-09-2018Regarding selection of committee member for account dept. & correspondence clerk vide office order no 1589 dated 31.08.2018
37.24-08-2018Regarding cancellation of training program at BPTI
38.16-08-2018Regarding Holiday
39.08-08-2018regarding presence of newly recruited AEE(General/GTO) and AE Civil on 10.08.2018 for Honorable Chief Minister program.
40.07-08-2018Regarding modification of sri jitendra kumar sudhansu in category for Junior Account vide Office Order No. 1441 dated 07.08.2018
41.06-08-2018Regarding Nomination of officers/employee for the settlement of revised 7th pay vide Office Order no. 1435 dated 04.08.2018
42.04-08-2018Regarding List of employees allowed 1st, 2nd and 3rd ACP in their respective column for BSPHCL & its subsidiary companies vide Office Order No. 1430 Dated 04.08.2018.
43.04-08-2018Regarding User Registration for BSPHCL Library Membership.
44.02-08-2018Regarding partial modification in Delegation of Power (DoP) of BSPHCL vide Resolution No.51 dated 01.08.2018
45.27-07-2018Regarding booking of Guest House of BSPHCL also for the Officers/ Employees of Energy Dept., Bihar govt. vide Office Order No. 1373 dated 26.07.2018
46.06-07-2018An order regarding practical training & field visit of newly recruited AEE / AE (Civil) against ENN- 01 /2018.
47.05-07-2018Regarding Extension of allotted quarters of Vimal Kumar Singha vide Office Order No.1124 dated 03.07.2018
48.05-07-2018Regarding Separate Maintenance by respective company to respective floor of Vidyut Bhawan I & II (Electrical & Civil works) vide office order no. 1132 dated 05.07.2018
49.28-06-2018Important Notice regarding Employment Notice No. - 06/2018 (JEE) and 07/2018 (JE-Civil) in compliance of interim order passed by Hon'ble High Court, Patna in CWJC No. - 11096/18 (Md. Asif Hussain
50.15-06-2018Service Termination of Sri Uma Shankar vide Resolution No. 740 dated 15/06/2018
51.07-06-2018Important Notice : Regarding Gate Score card verification of AEE/ AE(C)/AE(Mech.)/ AE(Electronics) and IT Manager.
52.02-06-2018Termination of services of Sri Niraj Kumar vide Resolution No. 681 dated 02/06/2018
53.01-06-2018Regarding extension notice for the empanelment of Lawyer/retired officers/ Law advisors vide memo No.424 dated 01.06.2018
54.01-06-2018Important Notice for AEE/ AE(C)/AE(Mech.)/ AE(Electronics) and IT Manager appointed on the basis of valid GATE SCORE.
55.24-05-2018Shortlisted Participants for Field Visit-Cum-Study Tour for Off Grid Solutions on 2nd June,2018 in Adhaura (Bhabhua)
56.24-05-2018Shortlisted Participants for Field Visit-cum-Study Tour for Off Grid Solutions on 2nd Jun, 2018 in Valmiki Nagar (West Champaran)
57.17-05-2018Regarding selection trial of female players for Indoor game (Carrom Board/Table Tennis/Chess) vide memo no. 631 dated 17.05.2018
58.05-05-2018Tender cancellation notice for Supply and installation of Furnitures at Ground floor (Three wings) of Vidyut Bhawan-I, Patna.
59.05-05-2018Important Notice :- Inviting application for empanelment of Retd. Officers as a Conducting officers of Departmental proceeding for BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies.
60.05-05-2018 Important Notice :- Inviting application for empanelment of Lawyers/ Retd. Officers to prepare fact sheet for BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies.
61.03-05-2018Regarding exemption from training for skill development of newly recruited AEEs/ JEEs at BPTI, Gaurichak vide Office Order No. 786 dated 03.05.2018
62.21-04-2018Notice regarding registration of GSTIN claiming Input Tax Credit (ITC) for GST.
63.20-04-2018Notice regarding postponement of training programme of AEE/JEE schedule to be held on 23.04.2018 to 28.04.2018 at BPTI, Gaurichak
64.13-04-2018Regarding Bus timing for the Female employees of BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies to participate in "Self defense and Safety" training.
65.12-04-2018Regarding List of Female employees of BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies allowed to participate in "Self defense and Safety" training.
66.12-04-2018Regarding Creation of the post of Technical Advisor vide Resolution No. 422 dated 11.04.2018
67.03-04-2018Regarding reschedule of date for walk-in-interview on 03/04/2018 at 1:30pm for the post of Chief Engineer(Civil)(Contract) against Job Contract Notice No. -02/2018
68.02-04-2018Regarding postponement of date for walk-in-interview for the post of Chief Engineer(Civil).
69.02-04-2018Regarding selection trial of male players for 3rd John Kurian Cricket Championship at Urja Stadium at 14.04.2018.
70.02-04-2018Regarding selection trial of female players for 2nd Ladies John Kurian Cricket Championship.
71.02-04-2018List of officials nominated as member of selection committee for 3rd John Kurian Cricket Championship vide Office Order No. 580 dated 02.04.2018
72.02-04-2018List of officials nominated as member of selection committee for 2nd Ladies John Kurian Cricket Championship vide Office Order No. 579 dated 02.04.2018
73.31-03-2018Notice and application form for imparting training in safety and self defense to female employees posted at H.Q
74.31-03-2018List of officers nominated for IT Software training on programming languages
75.29-03-2018Regarding: Degree of Hindi Vidyapith, Deoghar vide office order no 574 dated 29/03/2018
76.20-03-2018Regarding strike of PJEA on 20.03.2018.
77.17-03-2018Allotment of quarters in BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies vide office order 516 dated 17/03/2018
78.15-03-2018Important Notice : Regarding Joining of Sri Subhash to the post of AITM against ENN-05/2016 till 31.03.2018
79.13-03-2018Annexture of Tables regarding 7th Pension Revision Order issued vide Resolution No. 15 dated 21/02/2018
80.12-03-2018Regarding final revised pension for retired personnel/pensioner/family pensioner vide Resolution No. 15 dated 21.02.2018
81.09-03-2018Notice regarding postponed Training programme of 7 Batch schedule to be held from 12.03.2018 to 17.03.2018 Inbox
82.09-03-2018Approval to participate for 42th AIESCB Badminton Tournament, Kerla from 28/03/18 to 30/03/18
83.09-03-2018Corrigendum regarding training of newly recruited AEE/JEE at BPTI, Gaurichak vide Memo No. 177 dated 08.03.2018
84.06-03-2018"New Medical Attendance Rule 2018" vide Office Order No. 433 dated 06.03.2018
85.12-02-2018 Admit Card of candidates for LPP Part - II, DE 2017-18.
86.12-02-2018Admit Card of candidates for LPP Part - I, DE 2017-18.
87.12-02-2018Notice with important instruction and List of eligible/ ineligible candidates for LPP Part-I, Part-II DE Exam - 2017-18.
88.09-02-2018Corrigendum Notice regarding submission of options for transfer of BTPS Employees vide Memo No. 148 Dated 09/02/2018
89.08-02-2018Notice regarding LPP part 1 & LPP part II departmental examination.
90.08-02-2018Notice regarding submission of options for transfer of BTPS Employees vide memo no. 141 dated 08/02/2018
91.06-02-2018Shortlisted Participants for Trekking-cum-Field Study on 17th Feb,2018 in Rajgir
92.05-02-2018Notice Regarding Trekking cum Field Study program to be held in Rajgir on 17th Feb,18
93.04-02-2018Poster of Trekking cum Field Study program to be held in Rajgir on 17th Feb,18
94.02-02-2018Regarding leave for the employees participating in 38th Annual meeting of Bihar Jharkhand State Electricity Counsel of Filed Worker Union.
95.01-02-2018Trekking cum Field Study program to be held in Rajgir on 17th Feb,18
96.31-01-2018Regarding appointment on contract basis vide Notification No. 108 dated 31/01/2018
97.30-01-2018Inviting rate of interest on FDR/investment proposal as per new PF guideline (MoF) in all categories with highest yield of Rs. 55.00 crore
98.24-01-2018 Important Notice : Batch wise updated list of AEE/ JEE nominated for Training for skill development at BPTI, Gaurichak, Sipara (as on 23.01.2018).
99.24-01-2018 Modification : Training order of AEE/ JEE (2016-17 batch) at BPTI, Gaurichak, Sipara (Batch-4)
100.20-01-2018Providing Bus service for Trainees (AEE/ JEE, 2016-17 batch)
101.20-01-2018Modification : Training order of AEE/ JEE (2016-17 batch) at BPTI, Gaurichak, Sipara (Batch-4)
102.16-01-2018Complete Tariff Petition of BSPGCL for FY 2018-19
103.15-01-2018Request for public response regarding Tariff of Bihar State Power Generation Company Limited (BSPGCL) of Unit No. 6&7 (2x110 MW) and Unit No. 8&9 (2x250 MW) at BTPS, Begusarai for FY 2018-19
104.11-01-2018Notice and Standing Order regarding Departmental Examination of LPP, Part-I and LPP Part-II
105.11-01-2018Notice regarding extension of last date for selection of players for Badminton tournament.
106.09-01-2018Notice regarding selection of team players for Badminton tournament.
107.08-01-2018Notice regarding modified format of Form-B for 7th pay revision mentioned in Resolution No. 68 dated 28.12.2017
108.08-01-2018Notice regarding modified format of Form-B for 7th pay revision mentioned in Resolution No. 68 dated 28.12.2017
109.05-01-2018Important notice: Corrigendum/ Addendum regarding the trainng of AEE/JEE at PSSC Gaurichak, Sipara.
110.05-01-2018Important Instruction for Departmental Exam- 2017
111.04-01-2018Notice inviting Expression of interest from the Hospital/ Super Specialty Hospital for empanelment with BSPHCL providing medical facilities to employees of BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies.
112.03-01-2018Regarding revision in monthly consolidated pay for the retired personnel of Central Gov./State Govt/ Govt. Public Enterprises/External Organization in BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies vide Resolution No. 77 dated 30.12.2017
113.02-01-2018Regarding MEDICAL ATTENDANCE RULES 2018 for BSPHCL & its subsidiary companies