Notice Board

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1.23-04-2015Offer Letter to the post of CC & SA against Emp Notice No-02/2014(Internal).
2.22-04-2015Regularization of Ad-hoc JEE(General/GTO).
3.22-04-2015Notice vide NIT No-56/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
4.20-04-2015Notice regarding selection against Emp Notice No.-02/2014(Internal) to the Post of CC and SA(Second Phase).
5.17-04-2015Tender Extension Notice vide NIT No-37/PR/BSPGCL/2014
6.15-04-2015Regularization of Contractual Assistant Operator under Transmission Zone, Patna
7.15-04-2015Regularization of Contractual Assistant Operator under Transmission Zone, Muzaffarpur.
8.15-04-2015Regularization of Contractual Assistant Operator under BTPS.
9.04-04-2015Application for Departmental Examination to be held in June 2015.
10.04-04-2015Effective Date of Regularization of contract employees
11.02-04-2015Tender Extension Notice vide NIT NO-37/PR/BSPGCL/2014
12.01-04-2015Regularization of contractual Stenographer-II.
13.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual Legal Supervisor-II
14.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under PESU, Patna
15.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Tirhut Electric Supply Area, Muzaffarpur.
16.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Magadh Electric Supply Area, Gaya.
17.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Koshi Electric Supply Area, Saharsa.
18.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Mithila Electric Supply Area, Darbhanga.
19.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Central Electric Supply Area, Patna.
20.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Electric Supply Area, Bhagalpur.
21.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM,BSPHCL
22.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JEE(General).
23.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual Computer Data Entry Operator.
24.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual APO/LWO.
25.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual AEE(General).
26.27-03-2015Tender Extension Notice vide NIT No-52-53/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
27.24-03-2015Notice and Format for re-totaling of Departmental Examination -2014
28.23-03-2015Helpline Line Number regarding Burnt , Defective and Theft of 10/16/25/40 KVA Transformer
29.23-03-2015Tender Extension Notice vide NIT No-37/PR/BSPGCL/2014
30.21-03-2015Result of LPP-Part-II Departmental examination-2014.
31.21-03-2015Result of LPP-Part-I Departmental examination-2014.
32.21-03-2015Result of UD Departmental examination-2014.
33.21-03-2015Result of LD Confirmatory Departmental examination-2014.
34.21-03-2015Result of Clerk-cum-Typist (RC) Departmental examination-2014.
35.21-03-2015Result of SA Departmental examination-2014.
36.21-03-2015Result of JAC Departmental examination-2014.
37.21-03-2015Result of Clerical Grade-IV Departmental examination-2014.
38.21-03-2015Office Order No-291 Dated-20-03-2015 for the Exemption from Computer Paper in Departmental Examination.
39.20-03-2015Office Order N0-26 Dated-19.08.2015 regarding modified pay structure of Revenue Officer.
40.20-03-2015Notice regarding Re-Totalling against EMP Notice No-02/2014(Internal).
41.17-03-2015Notice regarding Pre-Bid meeting for the NIT No-06/PR/BSPHCL/2015 for Supply and Maintenance of EPABX System.
42.16-03-2015Notice Inviting Tender for Photocopying of different size paper vide NIT No-05/PR/BSPHCL/2015.
43.16-03-2015Notice Inviting tender for Empanelment of vendor for Stationery Material/Item vide NIT No-04/PR/BSPHCL/2015.
44.03-03-2015Notice regarding cancellation of Tender vide 23/PR/BSPHCL/2013-14
45.25-02-2015Notice against NIT no.- 52/PR/BSPGCL/2015 & 53/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
46.24-02-2015Offer Letter against Emp Notice No-02/2014(internal) for JEE(General)
47.24-02-2015Notice regarding Emp Notice No.-02/2014 (Internal) for the post of JEE(General).
48.20-02-2015Regarding permission for leaving headquarter for the members of Power Engineers Service Association (PESA) on the condition of ensuring supply and maintenance of electricity on their absence.
49.10-02-2015Notice regarding cricket match in Kolkata
50.10-02-2015Notice regarding cricket match
51.06-02-2015Income Tax Format for 14-15
52.02-02-2015Regarding Trail for the selection of players for Cricket Tournament.
53.23-01-2015Notice regarding transfer and posting of EEE.
54.23-01-2015Notice regarding cancellation for selection of players for cricket team.
55.22-01-2015GENERAL NOTICE - regarding fake Employment News/Notice.
56.22-01-2015Notice with attachment (Form) for RE- TOTALLING to the post of JAC/CC/SA against ENN-02/2014 (INTERNAL)
57.22-01-2015Notice regarding Cricket match
58.20-01-2015Declaration Form of Assets and Liabilities-2014-15
59.09-01-2015Notice for documents verification against ENN-02/2014 (internal) for absent candidates
60.09-01-2015Notice for RE-TOTALLING of Departmental Examination - 2012 & 2013
61.09-01-2015Modified pay structure to those employees who are appointed on consolidated pay