Notice Board

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1.26-10-2016Advance payment against salary for newly appointed AEE, AE(Civil) & IT Manager
2.24-10-2016Notice inviting tender vide NIT No-21/PR/BSPHCL/2016
3.24-10-2016Notice Inviting Tender vide NIT No-20/PR/BSPHCL/2016
4.21-10-2016Notice regarding Date & schedule of Written Examination against EMP No-04/2016(JEE(General)/JE(Electronics)/JE(Mechanical), 05/2016(Asstt. IT Manager), 06/2016(Asstt. Operator) and 07/2016 (IT Manager(Internal)).
5.21-10-2016Tender Extension Notice and Corrigendum against NIT NO-19/PR/BSPHCL/2016
6.21-10-2016Notice inviting tender vide NIT No-39/PR/BSPTCL/2016 for Appointment of Tariff and Regulator Consultant.
7.20-10-20162nd Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-18/PR/BSPHCL/2016
8.19-10-2016Notice regarding engagement to the Post of CE(Civil) and SE(Civil) against JOB Contract Notice No-08/2016 on contract basis.
9.17-10-2016Notice regarding Permissible monthly fixed honorarium for superannuated employee on contract basis.
10.15-10-2016Notice regarding postponement of tentative date of written examination against EMP No-04 to 07/2016.
11.14-10-2016Explanation on the objections of some model answer against EMP No-02/2016 for the post of Accounts Officer.
12.13-10-2016Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-18/PR/BSPHCL/2016.
13.05-10-2016Notice - Corrigendum - Syllabus of written examination for the post of Junior Engineer (Electronics) against ENN-04/2016
14.30-09-2016Office Order No. 422 Dt. 28.09.2016 regarding full fledged office for Badam Coal Mines
15.28-09-2016Notice inviting tender for Supply of Vehicles vide NIT No-19/PR/BSPHCL/2016
16.26-09-2016Notice/Corrigendum regarding modification/Amendment for the respective posts against EMP No-04/2016, 05/2016,06/2016 and 07/2016(Internal).
17.26-09-2016Question Paper and answer key of online Examination for the Post of Accounts Officer held on 25/09/2016 against EMP No-02/2016.
18.22-09-2016Gradation List of Junior Electrical Engineer(General Cadre)
19.21-09-2016Notice Inviting Tender vide NIT No-18/PR/BSPHCL/2016
20.17-09-2016Proceeding of meeting held on 15.09.16 for the Area/Regional level promotion.
21.17-09-2016Notice regarding disposal of Departmental Proceeding.
22.12-09-2016Offer letter for AEE/ AE (Civil)/AE (Electronics) & IT Manager of the candidates present on 19.08.2016 and Pending cases against ENN-02/2016 and 03/2016.
23.12-09-2016Notice for joining to the post of AEE/ AE (Civil)/ AE (Mech.)/ AE (Electronics) & IT Manager of the candidates present on 19.08.2016 and Pending cases against ENN-02/2016 and 03/2016.
24.10-09-2016Notice regarding quater allotment.
25.09-09-2016Notice inviting applications for the post of Junior Electrical Engineer/Junior Engineer(Mechanical)/Junior Engineer(Electronics)/Assistant IT Manager/ Assistant Operator/IT Manager(Internal) against EMP No-04 to 07/2016
26.09-09-2016Applications are invited for the post IT Manager(Internal) against EMP Notice No-07/2016.
27.09-09-2016Applications are invited for the post of Assistant Operator EMP Notice No-06/2016.
28.09-09-2016Applications are invited for the post of Assistant IT Manager against EMP Notice No-05/2016.
29.09-09-2016Applications are invited for the post of Junior Electrical Engineer/Junior Engineer(Mechanical)/Junior Engineer(Electronics) against EMP Notice No-04/2016.
30.09-09-2016List of Eligible / Rejected candidates for the post of Accounts Officer against EMP 02/2016.
31.09-09-2016Notice regarding public holiday on Bakr Id/Eid ul-Adha.
32.08-09-2016Notice regarding disposal of Departmental Proceeding.
33.08-09-2016Notice regarding Date of Online Examination for the Post of Accounts Officer against EMP No-02/2016.
34.01-09-2016Notice regarding Grade-Pay based promotion.
35.01-09-2016Notice regarding one day strike on 02.09.16 called by AITUC & AIFEE
36.26-08-2016Notice regarding NIT No-33/PR/BSPGCL/2016
37.24-08-2016Offer of Appointment Letter of selected candidates for joining to the Post of AEE/AE(Civil)/AE(Electronics)/AE(Mechanical) against EMP No-02/2016 and IT-Manager against EMP No-03/2016.
38.24-08-2016NOTICE regarding joining of selected candidates to the Post of AEE/AE(Civil)/AE(Electronics)/AE(Mechanical) against EMP No-02/2016 and IT-Manager against EMP No-03/2016.
39.12-08-2016Last opportunity to absent candidates for document verification against EMP No-03/2016 for the post of IT Manager.
40.12-08-2016Last opportunity to absent candidates for document verification against EMP No-02/2016 for the post of AEE/AE(Civil)/AE(Mechanical)/AE(Electronics).
41.03-08-2016Revised provisional list of IT Manager under EBC Category for documents verification against Employment Notice No.-3/2016.
42.01-08-2016List of candidates who has filed objection against EMP Notice No-02/2016 & 03/2016.
43.01-08-2016List of Invalid Candidates against EMP Notice No-02/2016 & 03/2016.
44.01-08-2016Provisional List of candidates for documents verification against EMP Notice No-03/2016 for the post of IT Manager.
45.01-08-2016Provisional List of candidates for documents verification against EMP Notice No-02/2016 for the post AEE/AE(Electronics)/AE(Mechanical)/AE(Civil).
46.27-07-2016Admit Card of UDA for Departmental Examination-2016.
47.27-07-2016Admit Card of SA for Departmental Examination-2016.
48.27-07-2016Admit Card of RC for Departmental Examination-2016.
49.27-07-2016Admit Card of LPP-I for Departmental Examination-2016.
50.27-07-2016Admit Card of LPP-II for Departmental Examination-2016.
51.27-07-2016Admit Card of LDA for Departmental Examination-2016.
52.27-07-2016Admit Card of JAC for Departmental Examination-2016.
53.27-07-2016Admit Card of JAA for Departmental Examination-2016.
54.27-07-2016Admit Card of CC for Departmental Examination-2016.
55.27-07-2016List of Candidates Applied for Departmental Examination-2016
56.27-07-2016Notice Regarding Departmental Examination-2016.
57.20-07-2016Notice regarding Maternity & Paternity Leave.
58.12-07-2016Office Order 842 Dated 08.07.2016 regarding additional charge of DGM (Personnel), BSPTCL.
59.12-07-2016Office Order 763 Dated 11.07.2016 regarding transfer of Store Personnel
60.06-07-2016Important Notice regarding EMP No-02/2014(Internal).
61.05-07-2016Notice regarding BSPHCL Office Order No-746 dated-05/07/2016 related to "Mukhyamantri Vidyut Sambandh Nischay Yojana."
62.05-07-2016Notice regarding Office Order No-747 dated-05/07/016 related to "Mukhyamantri Vidyut Sambandh Nischay Yojana."
63.05-07-2016Notice regarding Public Holiday of EID-Ul-FITR-2016.
64.05-07-2016Notice Inviting Tender vide NIT No-32/PR/BSPGCL/2016
65.30-06-2016Notice for inviting objection from candidates for the post of IT Manager against Employment Notice No.- 03/2016.
66.30-06-2016Notice for inviting objection from candidates for the post of AEE, AE(Civil), AE(Mechanical) & AE(Electronics) against Employment Notice No.- 02/2016.
67.29-06-2016Office Order No-710 Dated-24/06/16 regarrding Survey of Rural Households under "Mukhyamantri Vidyut Sambandh Nischay Yojana."
68.29-06-2016Rectification in BSPHCL Office Order No-710 Dated-24/06/16 regarrding Survey of Rural Households under "Mukhyamantri Vidyut Sambandh Nischay Yojana."
69.29-06-2016Notice vide BSPHCL Office Order No-722 Dated-28.06.16
70.24-06-2016Office Order Regarding Survey of Rural Households under "Mukhyamantri Vidyut Sambandh Nischay Yojana."
71.20-06-2016Result of Examination held on 10.04.2016 for the post of JEE (General)/GTO/ JAC/CC/SA against Employment Notice No.-02/2014 (Internal)-2nd Phase.
72.20-06-2016Notice regarding Special Pay for the JEE Posted at CRITL and System Operation(Maintenance).
73.17-06-2016Notice regarding House Rent for Contractual Employee.
74.17-06-2016Notice regarding Departmental Proceeding Camp.
75.15-06-2016Letter No. 614 dated 01/06/2016 regarding Trade Union
76.15-06-2016Notice regarding cancellation of NIT No-11/PR/BSPHCL/2016
77.08-06-2016Notice regarding working hours for Muslim Employee during the period of Ramzan 2016.
78.07-06-2016Notice regarding promotion of Field Cadre Worken
80.02-06-2016Notice inviting tender for supply of Stationary Items against NIT No-12/PR/BSPHCL/2016
81.25-05-2016Office Order regarding Transfer and Posting of Legal Supervisor Grade-II.
82.25-05-2016Office Order for Separate Legal Cell in BSPHCL and its Subsidiary Companies.
83.24-05-2016Notice regarding Departmental Proceeding Execution Camp to be held on 29-06-2016
84.24-05-2016Office order no. 573 regarding Departmental Proceeding Execution Camp
85.24-05-2016Notice Inviting Tender Vide NIT No-09/PR/BSPHCL/2016.
86.23-05-2016Notice Regarding Departmental examination of JAA and Date of Extension of DE-2016
88.20-05-2016Notice Regarding Amendment in Dearness Allowance (DA) of Pensioners
89.20-05-2016Notice Regarding Amendment in Dearness Allowance (DA) of Employees
90.19-05-2016Amendment/Modifications in Employment Notice No-02/2016.(Application also Invited from Construction Engineering Graduate against EMP No.-02/2016).
91.19-05-2016Amendment/Modifications in Employment Notice No-03/2016.(Application also invited from MCA candidates against EMP No.03/2016).
92.13-05-2016Notice regarding selection of Badminton Player.
93.10-05-2016 List of Players for PDCA Sr. Division League Championship.
94.05-05-2016Revised notice against emp notice no-03/2016.
95.05-05-2016Revised notice against emp notice no-02/2016.
96.04-05-2016Tentative Gradation List of Sr. Manager (F&A).
97.04-05-2016Notice regarding Fixed Contractual Amount (Honorarium) of Ex-Serviceman.
98.04-05-2016Notice regarding Overtime.
99.30-04-2016Selection letter of Players for 1st Inter Company Kuriyan Trophy Cricket Championship.
100.29-04-2016Notice regarding Employment Notice No-03/2016 for appointment to the post of IT Manager
101.29-04-2016Notice regarding Employment Notice No-02/2016 for appointment to the post of AEE / AE(CIVIL) / AE(MECHANICAL) (for BSPGCL) / AE(Electronics) (for BSPGCL) & Accounts Officer
102.28-04-2016Regarding sitting fee for attending meeting of the Board of Directors or any Sub-Committee of the Board of Directors
103.25-04-2016Amendment/Modification to Employment Notice No-02/2016 for appointment to the post of OF AEE / AE(CIVIL) / AE(MECHANICAL) (for BSPGCL) / AE(Electronics) (for BSPGCL) & Accounts Officer
104.20-04-2016List of selected Players for Volleyball Team.
105.16-04-2016Notice regarding Foundation Day function of Bihar Jharkhand Field Kamgar Union.
106.13-04-2016Notice regarding selection of players for volleyball team.
107.12-04-2016Notice regarding Annual CR of Officer and Staffs of BSPHCL and its subsidiary company.
108.07-04-2016Notice regarding revision in Bihar Pesion Act, 1950.
109.06-04-2016Admit card of eligible candidates for written examination for the post of JEE(General)/JEE(GTO)/JAC/CC/SA against ENN-02/2014(Internal).
110.06-04-2016Notice regarding written examination against ENN-02/2014(Internal) for the post of JEE(General)/JEE(GTO)/JAC/CC/SA
111.04-04-2016Employment Notice No-02/2016 for appointment to the post of OF AEE / AE(CIVIL) / AE(MECHANICAL) (for BSPGCL) / AE(Electronics) (for BSPGCL) THROUGH VALID GATE SCORE & ACCOUNTS OFFICER THROUGH MARKS OBTAINED IN CA FINAL
112.04-04-2016Employment Notice No-03/2016 for appointment to the post of IT Manager through valid gate score
113.04-04-2016Syllabus for written examination to the post of JAC-CC-SA against ENN-02/2014 (Internal)".
114.02-04-2016Pre-bid meeting in regard to establishing a CBSE based 10+2 level scool in BTPS township at Begusarai.
115.01-04-2016Notice regarding exemption in LPP-I, LPP-II Deptt. Exam-2015
116.30-03-2016Offer of Appointment to the post of DBA against EMP Notice No-02/2015.
117.29-03-2016notice inviting proposals from reputed Educational Institution Groups to establish a CBSE based 10+2 level school at BTPS township at Begusarai District of Bihar
118.29-03-2016Order regarding EL dated 19.03.2016
119.21-03-2016Expression of Interest invited from Renowned/reputed education Institution to establish a CBSE baesd 10+2 school at BTPS township in Begusarai District of Bihar.
120.19-03-2016Application Form for Departmental Examination-2016
121.19-03-2016Notice for Departmental Examination-2016 for JAC/LPP-1/LPP-II/Store Assistant/LDA Confirmatory/UD Departmental/CC/RC.
122.15-03-2016Request for furnishing information on Journey of Energy Sector from 1958 onward in Bihar for "COFFEE TABLE BOOK".
123.10-03-2016Notice regarding Re-Totaling of various Departmental Examination-2015.
124.10-03-2016Result of LPP Part-I Departmental Examination-2015 after Re-Totaling.
125.10-03-2016Application form for the Post of JAC/CC/SA against EMP Notice No-02/2014(Internal).
126.10-03-2016Application form for the Post of JEE(Gen)/JEE(GTO) against EMP Notice No-02/2014(Internal)
127.10-03-2016Notice regarding appointment of JEE(Gen)/ JEE(GTO)/CC/SA/JAC against EMP Notice No-02/2014(Internal).
128.05-03-2016Gradation list of Accounts Officer.
129.05-03-2016Notice regarding exemption in paper of Departmental Examination of LPP-I & LPP-II.
130.05-03-2016Resolution no. 21 dated 01/03/2016
131.29-02-2016Landscaping and fabricating of pavilion, measuring 5000 Sq feet with facilitation of theme, model demonstration, picture gallery art work, etc. in the area of 100 feet X 50 feet on the occasion of BIHAR DIWAS-2016 at Gandhi
132.17-02-2016Tender Extension Notice for NIT No 103/PR/BSPGCL/2015 for appointment of "Transaction Advisor-cum-Consultant" for selection of MDO for Badam Coal Block
133.16-02-2016New Recruitment Policy for AEE/AE(Civil)/JE/JE(Civil)/IT Manager.
134.08-02-2016Tender Extension Notice for NIT NO. 103/PR/BSPGCL/15 for appointment of "Transaction Advisor-cum- consultant" for selection of MDO for Badam Coal Block.
135.05-02-2016Notice for Walk-in-Interview for the post Chief Engineer(Civil) on contract Basis in BSPHCL against EMP Notice No-01/2016(Contract).
136.28-01-2016TenderExtension Notice vide NIT No.102/PR/BSPGCL/2015
137.27-01-2016Amendments/Response to the queries for NIT No. 103/PR/BSPGCL/2015 for appointment of consultant for selection of MDO for Badam Coal Block.
138.27-01-2016Tender Extension Notice for NIT No. 103/PR/BSPGCL/2015 for appointment of consultant for selection of MDO for Badam Coal Block
139.25-01-2016Office Order No-80 dated-25/01/16 regarding file movement
140.22-01-2016Tariff Petition for FY 2016-17 to FY 2018-19 for BSPTCL.
141.07-01-2016Office Order No-05 dated-05/01/16 for Asset Declaration Cell.
142.07-01-2016Notice seeking Public Response regarding Petition for Truing up for FY 2014-15, Annual Performance Review(APR) FY 2015-16, ARR for FY 2016-17 and determination of generation cost for the FY 2016-17
143.06-01-2016Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-21/PR/BSPHCL/2015 for supply and Maintenance of EPABX System.
144.04-01-2016Life Certificate for Pensioner
145.04-01-2016Form 16 B (Self Declaration of Income Tax)
146.04-01-2016Tariff petition by BSPGCL for FY 2016 - 17
147.02-01-2016Notice for Pre-Bid meeting against NIT No.-21/PR/BSPHCL/2015 for supply and maintenance of EPABX system.
148.31-12-2015Fourth Tender Extension Notice Vide NIT No-67&69/PR/BSPGCL/2015
149.31-12-2015Appointment of "TRANSACTION ADVISOR-Cum-Consultant" for selection of Mine Developer Cum Operator for Badam Coal Block in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
150.30-12-2015Notice inviting Tender vide NIT No-21/PR/BSPHCL/2015 for Supply and Maintenance of EPABX Systems at Vidyut Bhawan, Patna
151.30-12-2015Notice of cancellation for the post of IT Manager against EMP Notice No-02/2015 and 03/2015(Internal).
152.30-12-2015Notice Inviting Tender Vide NIT No-102/PR/BSPGCL/2015 for construction of Ash dyke at BTPS.
153.23-12-2015List of declared Holidays in the year 2016 for BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies.
154.23-12-2015Result of Assessment of EEE(S)/Revenue Officers/AEE(Revenue) & JEE(Revenue) held on 03.09.2015.
155.23-12-2015Question with correct answer for the Assessment of EEE(S)/Revenue Officers/AEE(Revenue) & JEE(Revenue) held on 03.09.2015
156.05-12-2015Tender Extension Notice vide NIT No-67&69/PR/BSPGCL/2015
157.04-12-2015Notice regarding re-totaling/objection (Departmental Examination-2015).
158.02-12-2015Result of Routine Clerk Departmental Examination-2015
159.02-12-2015Result of Lekha Pravin Pariksha, Part-II Departmental Examination-2015
160.02-12-2015Result of Lekha Pravin Pariksha, Part-I Departmental Examination-2015
161.02-12-2015Result of Junior Accounts Clerk Departmental Examination -2015
162.02-12-2015Clerical Grade-IV Departmental Examination -2015
163.02-12-2015Result of Store Assistant Departmental Examination -2015
164.02-12-2015Result of L.D. Confirmatory Departmental Examination-2015
165.02-12-2015Result of U.D. Departmental Examination-2015
166.30-11-2015Notice regarding Quarter Allotment vide BSPHCL Office Order No-1369 dated-27/11/15
167.26-11-20151st Tender Extension Notice Vide NIT No-101/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
168.16-11-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No.-19/PR/BSP(H)CL/2015.
169.12-11-2015Tender Notice vide NIT No-101/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
170.12-11-20152nd Extension Notice against NIT No-67&69/PR/BSPGCL/2015
171.05-11-2015Notice for Cancellation of Tender against NIT No-76/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
172.03-11-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-92/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
173.03-11-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-91/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
174.02-11-2015Notice inviting e-tender vide NIT No-19/PR/BSPHCL/2015 for Conceptualizing, Designing and Printing of Calendar, Diary etc.
175.17-10-2015Notice regarding Partial Modification in Public Holiday for Durg Puja in the Year 2015.
176.17-10-2015Tender extension Notice vide NIT No.-97/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
177.17-10-2015Tender extension Notice vide NIT No.-98/PR/BSPGCL/2015
178.16-10-2015Corrigendum against NIT No.-18/PR/BSPHCL/2015-16.
179.12-10-2015Extension of NIT No-91/PR/BSPGCL/2015
180.09-10-2015Notice for HQ. Leave on 11.10.15(Sunday) for A.O. and above Officers of BSPHCL & its subsidiary to Participate in Power Accounts(Officers) Service Union meeting..
181.01-10-2015Extension of Time vide NIT No.-67&69,85-91,97&98/PR/BSPGCL/2015
182.30-09-2015Tariff of 100 MW Solar PV Projects vide NIT No-19/PR/BSPHCL/2014-15.
183.23-09-2015Cancellation Notice vide NIT No-81/PR/BSPGCL/2015
184.22-09-2015Proforma of Bio-data for Central Cadre Workmen
185.22-09-2015Application Format for the Programme for skill Development adolescent.
186.21-09-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-93/PR/BSPGCL/2015
187.21-09-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-92/PR/BSPGCL/2015
188.09-09-2015Notice for refund of application fee against cancellation of Employment Notice No.-01/2015 (Meter Reader)
189.09-09-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-84/PR/BSPGCL/2015
190.09-09-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-85/PR/BSPGCL/2015
191.09-09-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-86-91/100/PR/BSPGCL/2015
192.07-09-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-84/PR/BSPGCL/2015
193.04-09-2015Notice vide NIT No-100/PR/BSPHCL/2015
194.03-09-2015Notice vide NIT NO-92/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
195.03-09-2015Notice vide NIT NO-94 & 95/PR/BSPGCL/2015
196.26-08-2015Proforma of Bio-Data for GTO/General/Civil Cadre Engineers.
197.26-08-2015Notice regarding submission of Favour/Thought on demand of "EARN LEAVE" like OFFICERS by the workmen and different association.
198.26-08-2015BSPHCL Office Order No.-1028 dated-24.08.2015 for the transfer and posting workmen.
199.26-08-2015BSPHCL Office Order No-1023 dated 21/08/2015 for engagement of Audit-cum-financial Consultant on contract basis.
200.24-08-2015Notice for Tender vide NIT No-85/PR/BSPGCL/2015
201.24-08-2015Notice for Tender vide NIT No-91/PR/BSPGCL/2015
202.24-08-2015Notice for Tender vide NIT No-89/PR/BSPGCL/2015
203.24-08-2015Notice for Tender vide NIT No-88/PR/BSPGCL/2015
204.24-08-2015Notice for Tender vide NIT No-87/PR/BSPGCL/2015
205.24-08-2015Notice for Tender vide NIT No-86/PR/BSPGCL/2015
206.24-08-2015Result of Assessment test of EEE, Revenue Officer/AEE (Rev) and JEE(Rev.) of BSPHCL held on 04.08.15.
207.20-08-2015Result of Assessment of EEE, RO/AEE(Rev) & JEE(Rev) of Revenue training held on dt- 02.07.15.
208.19-08-2015Corrigendum against NIT No-82/PR/BSPGCL/2015
209.17-08-2015NIT No-10/PR/BSPHCL/2015, cancellation Notice
210.14-08-2015Regarding nomination of players for Volleyball competition organized at Panchkula (Haryana) by All India Sports Control Board.
211.14-08-2015Notice regarding selection of volleyball Team.
212.13-08-2015Notice for submission of document(Salary Slip) regarding work experience against EMP N No-02/2015(IT Manager).
213.13-08-2015Notice for the Amendment in NIT No-84/PR/BSPGCL/2015
214.13-08-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-13/PR/BSPHCL/2014
215.11-08-2015Notice inviting tender vide NIT No-84/PR/BSPGCL/2015
216.10-08-2015Tender Notice vide NIT No-15/PR/BSPHCL/2015
217.10-08-2015Tender extension Notice vide NIT No-74/PR/BSPGCL/2015
218.10-08-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-65-71/PR/BSPGCL/2015
219.08-08-2015Clarification regarding result of Employment Notice No.- 02/2015 for the post of IT Manager
220.06-08-2015Notice for NIT No-82/PR/BSPGCL/2015
221.05-08-2015Notice for Trail for selection of Volleyball Team.
222.01-08-2015Offer of Appointment for Chief Data Base Administrator (CDBA) and Data Base Administrator (DBA) against Employment Notice No-02/2015.
223.01-08-2015Result of Chief Data Base Administrator (CDBA) and Data Base Administrator (DBA) against Employment Notice No-02/2015.
224.01-08-2015Notice for NIT No-81/PR/BSPGCL/2015
225.01-08-2015Notice for NIT No.-83/PR/BSPGCL/2015
226.01-08-2015Application for Walk-in Interview from Interested retired CE/SE( Civil) for engagement to the Post of CE Civil/ SE Civil against EMP Notice No-04/2015
227.31-07-2015BSPHCL Office Order No-907 Dated-30/07/15
228.31-07-2015Notice for Child Care Leave vide BSPHCL resolution No-1002 dated-21.07.2015
229.30-07-2015Notice regarding extension of Due Date against Inviting Price Quotation for the supply of solar Lantern.
230.29-07-2015Tender extension Notice for the NIT No-10/PR/BSPHCL/2015
231.29-07-2015Cancellation of NIT No.-72/PR/BSPGCL/2015 vide Notification No-502 dated 29/07/2015.
232.23-07-2015Notce for NIT No-80/PR/BSPGCL/2015
233.23-07-2015Notce for NIT No-79/PR/BSPGCL/2015
234.23-07-20152nd Extension notice for the NIT No-73/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
235.23-07-2015Notice regarding NIT No-78/PR/BSPGCL/2015
236.21-07-2015Notice regarding Document verification and Interview to the post of CDBA & DBA and Document verification to the post IT Manager against ENN-02/2015.
237.20-07-2015Bank Guarantee for NIT No-12/PR/BSPHCL/2015-16
238.20-07-2015Corrigendum -II for NIT No-12/PR/BSPHCL/2015-16
239.20-07-2015Notice Inviting Tender vide NIT No-76 & 77 /PR/BSPGCL/2015 through e-Tendering.
240.17-07-2015Notice regarding extension of date to refund application fee against cancellation of Employment Notice No.-01/2015 (Meter Reader)
241.16-07-2015Notice for the NIT No-13/PR/BSPHCL/2015
242.16-07-2015Re-totalling result of Sri Moti Lal Ranjan(Roll No-134) against Departmental Examination-2014
243.16-07-2015Corrigendum Memo No-524 dated 15/06/2015
244.16-07-2015Notice for Extension against NIT No-73/PR/BSPGCLR/2015
245.16-07-2015Notice for extension of date for inviting quotation for supply of solar Lantern System(SLS) W-LED
246.15-07-2015Waiting List of Employee for Quarter Allotment.
247.14-07-2015Notice : Regarding uploading question booklet/OMR sheet & Model Answer of written test for IT Manager against ENN-02/2015 & 03/2015 (Internal).
248.09-07-2015Notice for NIT No-12/PR/BSPHCL/2015-16
249.09-07-2015Notice for NIT No-11/PR/BSPHCL/2015-16
250.09-07-2015Result of Assessment of EEE, Revenue Officer/ AEE (Rev.) & JEE (Rev.) of BSPHCL held on 02.06.2015.
251.08-07-2015Notice for NIT-75/PR/BSPGCL/2015
252.07-07-2015Notice Regarding Blacklisting of M/s ESMECO, 43 Jamuna Apartment, Boaring Road, Patna
253.06-07-2015Notice inviting Tender for Re-Construction of Fallen boundry at Vidyut Bhawan, Patna.
254.01-07-2015Notice regarding 40th Junior Engineer Power Association conference.
255.26-06-2015Notice Inviting Tender Vide NIT No-73/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
256.26-06-20152nd Tender Extension Notice vide NiT No-61 & 62/PR/BSPGCL/2015
257.25-06-2015Notice Inviting Price Quotation for Solar Lantern .
258.22-06-2015Notice Inviting Tender for sale of Fly Ash from Barauni Thermal Power
259.22-06-2015Notice for refund of application fee against cancellation of Employment Notice No. -01/2015 (Meter Reader)
260.15-06-2015Second List of Departmental Examination-2015.
261.11-06-2015Addendum for the Employment Notice No-02/2015 regarding experience.
262.11-06-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-61 & 62/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
263.11-06-2015Tender Extension Notice against NIT No-59/PR/BSPGCL/2015
264.10-06-2015Format of Admit Card and Examination Schedule for Departmental Examination -2015.
265.08-06-2015List of candidates who have been exempted in the light of Office Order no-513 Dated-16-05-2015.
266.08-06-2015List of candidates who had applied for re-totalling against the result of Departmental Examination 2013 and 2014.
267.08-06-2015Result of re-totalling of Departmental Examination-2014.
268.08-06-2015Notice inviting application from candidates for next higher departmental Examination -2015 who have been exempted/declared successful by re-totaling / SC-ST category.
269.06-06-2015Employment Notice No-03/2015(Internal) to the post of IT Manager.
270.06-06-2015Application form for the post IT Manager against EMP Notice No-03/2015(Internal)
271.06-06-2015Letter regarding circulation of EMP Notice No- 03/2015(Internal) to the post of IT Manager
272.03-06-2015Notice regarding DA
273.29-05-2015Syllabus for the written Test to the Post of CDBA, DBA and IT Manager against EMP Notice No-02/2015
274.27-05-2015Notice regarding appointment to the post of Chief Database Administrator, Database Administrator and IT Manager against EMP Notice No-02/2015.
275.27-05-2015Notice inviting tender vide NIT No-63/PR/BSPGCL/2015
276.21-05-2015Employment Notice No-01/2015 for recruitment to the post of Meter Reader is hereby cancelled.
277.18-05-2015Tender extension notice against NIT No- 57 & 58 /PR/BSPGCL/2015
278.18-05-2015Notice inviting tender vide NIT No-61 & 62 /PR/BSPGCL/2015
279.18-05-2015Notice Inviting Tender vide NIT No-60/PR/BSPGCL/2015
280.16-05-2015Notice regarding cancellation of EMP Notice No- 01/2014 of BSPTCL.
281.06-05-2015Paper Notice for EMP Notice No-01/2015 for appointment to the post of Meter Reader.
282.06-05-2015Employment Notice No. -01/2015 for appointment to the post of Meter Reader.
283.02-05-2015Notice inviting tender vide NIT No-59/PR/BSPGCL/2015
284.02-05-2015Notice Inviting Tender vide NIT No.-57&58/PR/BSPGCL/2015
285.30-04-2015Regularization of contractual JEE.
286.30-04-2015Office Order for one day salary donation by the Officers/Staffs of BSPHCL add its subsidiary companies.
287.27-04-2015Regularization of contractual SBO & JLM under TESA, Muzaffarpur.
288.27-04-2015Regularization of contractual SBO & JLM under CESA, Patna
289.27-04-2015Regularization of contractual SBO & JLM under BESA, Bhagalpur.
290.27-04-2015Regularization of contractual SBO & JLM under MESA, Gaya
291.27-04-2015Regularization of Contractual SBO & JLM under KESA, Saharsa
292.23-04-2015Offer Letter to the post of CC & SA against Emp Notice No-02/2014(Internal).
293.22-04-2015Regularization of Ad-hoc JEE(General/GTO).
294.22-04-2015Notice vide NIT No-56/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
295.20-04-2015Notice regarding selection against Emp Notice No.-02/2014(Internal) to the Post of CC and SA(Second Phase).
296.17-04-2015Tender Extension Notice vide NIT No-37/PR/BSPGCL/2014
297.15-04-2015Regularization of Contractual Assistant Operator under Transmission Zone, Patna
298.15-04-2015Regularization of Contractual Assistant Operator under Transmission Zone, Muzaffarpur.
299.15-04-2015Regularization of Contractual Assistant Operator under BTPS.
300.04-04-2015Application for Departmental Examination to be held in June 2015.
301.04-04-2015Effective Date of Regularization of contract employees
302.02-04-2015Tender Extension Notice vide NIT NO-37/PR/BSPGCL/2014
303.01-04-2015Regularization of contractual Stenographer-II.
304.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual Legal Supervisor-II
305.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under PESU, Patna
306.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Tirhut Electric Supply Area, Muzaffarpur.
307.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Magadh Electric Supply Area, Gaya.
308.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Koshi Electric Supply Area, Saharsa.
309.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Mithila Electric Supply Area, Darbhanga.
310.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Central Electric Supply Area, Patna.
311.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM/SBO under Electric Supply Area, Bhagalpur.
312.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JLM,BSPHCL
313.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual JEE(General).
314.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual Computer Data Entry Operator.
315.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual APO/LWO.
316.01-04-2015Regularization of Contractual AEE(General).
317.27-03-2015Tender Extension Notice vide NIT No-52-53/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
318.24-03-2015Notice and Format for re-totaling of Departmental Examination -2014
319.23-03-2015Helpline Line Number regarding Burnt , Defective and Theft of 10/16/25/40 KVA Transformer
320.23-03-2015Tender Extension Notice vide NIT No-37/PR/BSPGCL/2014
321.21-03-2015Result of LPP-Part-II Departmental examination-2014.
322.21-03-2015Result of LPP-Part-I Departmental examination-2014.
323.21-03-2015Result of UD Departmental examination-2014.
324.21-03-2015Result of LD Confirmatory Departmental examination-2014.
325.21-03-2015Result of Clerk-cum-Typist (RC) Departmental examination-2014.
326.21-03-2015Result of SA Departmental examination-2014.
327.21-03-2015Result of JAC Departmental examination-2014.
328.21-03-2015Result of Clerical Grade-IV Departmental examination-2014.
329.21-03-2015Office Order No-291 Dated-20-03-2015 for the Exemption from Computer Paper in Departmental Examination.
330.20-03-2015Office Order N0-26 Dated-19.08.2015 regarding modified pay structure of Revenue Officer.
331.20-03-2015Notice regarding Re-Totalling against EMP Notice No-02/2014(Internal).
332.17-03-2015Notice regarding Pre-Bid meeting for the NIT No-06/PR/BSPHCL/2015 for Supply and Maintenance of EPABX System.
333.16-03-2015Notice Inviting Tender for Photocopying of different size paper vide NIT No-05/PR/BSPHCL/2015.
334.16-03-2015Notice Inviting tender for Empanelment of vendor for Stationery Material/Item vide NIT No-04/PR/BSPHCL/2015.
335.03-03-2015Notice regarding cancellation of Tender vide 23/PR/BSPHCL/2013-14
336.25-02-2015Notice against NIT no.- 52/PR/BSPGCL/2015 & 53/PR/BSPGCL/2015.
337.24-02-2015Offer Letter against Emp Notice No-02/2014(internal) for JEE(General)
338.24-02-2015Notice regarding Emp Notice No.-02/2014 (Internal) for the post of JEE(General).
339.20-02-2015Regarding permission for leaving headquarter for the members of Power Engineers Service Association (PESA) on the condition of ensuring supply and maintenance of electricity on their absence.
340.10-02-2015Notice regarding cricket match in Kolkata
341.10-02-2015Notice regarding cricket match
342.06-02-2015Income Tax Format for 14-15
343.23-01-2015Notice regarding transfer and posting of EEE.
344.23-01-2015Notice regarding cancellation for selection of players for cricket team.
345.22-01-2015GENERAL NOTICE - regarding fake Employment News/Notice.
346.22-01-2015Notice with attachment (Form) for RE- TOTALLING to the post of JAC/CC/SA against ENN-02/2014 (INTERNAL)
347.22-01-2015Notice regarding Cricket match
348.20-01-2015Declaration Form of Assets and Liabilities-2014-15
349.09-01-2015Notice for documents verification against ENN-02/2014 (internal) for absent candidates
350.09-01-2015Notice for RE-TOTALLING of Departmental Examination - 2012 & 2013
351.09-01-2015Modified pay structure to those employees who are appointed on consolidated pay
352.29-12-2014Notice regarding formation of Grievance Redressal Committee for the employee of BSPHCL
353.24-12-2014Annexure-1 for JAC/CC/SA against Emp. No. 02/14 (Internal)
354.24-12-2014Notice regarding joining against ENN-02/2014 (Internal)
355.18-12-2014Office order regarding Web based system/software for Payroll and Pension developed by M/s Prosix Infotech Pvt. Ltd
356.05-12-2014Notice regarding Tariff Petition of Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) for FY 2014-15 of BSPGCL.
357.01-12-2014Notice regarding Transfer and posting of EEE
358.01-12-2014Public Notice for Generation Tariff for FY-2015-16 (Hindi & English).
359.29-11-2014Notice for Documents Verification/counseling of Junior Operator on contract basis on the terms and conditions as mentioned in JOB CONTRACT NOTICE NO.- 01/2014.
360.29-11-2014Corrigendum regarding Notice inviting Quotation for Designing and Printing of Table calender, Wall Calender and Customized Diary.
361.26-11-2014Notice inviting Tender vide NIT No-224/PR/NBPDCL/2014
362.25-11-2014Regarding transfer & posting of officers posted at NBPDCL and SBPDCL vide Notification No.1756 dt. 25.11.14, BSPHCL
363.18-11-2014Tentative Gradation list of Junior Electrical Engineer(GTO Cadre)
364.31-10-2014Notice regarding foundation day
365.15-10-2014Notice regarding Maternity and Paternity Leave.
366.11-08-2014anukampa form
368.13-05-2014Notice Regarding Option for the Centralized Cadre Employee for absorption in the successor companies of erstwhile BSEB.
369.12-05-2014Final Environmental Clearance for 2x250 MW Barauni TPP by BSPGCL issued by MoEF, GoI , New Delhi vide letter No J- 13012/143/2008-IA.II (T) dt 8th May'2014
370.31-10-2013EMPLOYEE INFORMATION FORM for the employee of BSPHCL and its subsidiary company.
371.31-10-2013PENSIONER INFORMATION FORM for the Pensioner of BSPHCL and its subsidiary company
372.15-07-2013Notification of Energy Department constitution of Licensing Board for the granting Electrical License etc.regarding.
373.01-06-2013Guidelines for Long Term Open Access(LTOA) and Procedure for Short Term Open Access in the Intra State Transmission System.
374.06-03-2013Bihar Electricity Supply Code-2007 with three amendments.
375.06-02-2013Public Notice regarding Standards of Performance(SoP) Regulations.
376.10-12-2012Business Plan for Bihar State Power Generation Company for control period FY 2013-14 to FY 2015-16.
377.10-12-2012Combined Business Plan for North Bihar Power Distribution Company & South Bihar Power Distribution Company for control period FY 2013-14 to FY 2015-16.
378.10-12-2012Business Plan for Bihar State Power Transmission Company for control period FY 2013-14 to FY 2015-16.
379.22-11-2012Details of the CGRF (Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum) & Ombudsman.
380.31-10-2012Model PPA of Biomass based co-generation plant for the State of Bihar.
381.31-10-2012Model PPA of Bagasse based co-generation plant for the State of Bihar.
382.09-10-2012Amended Draft Solar Power Purchase Agreement.
383.06-09-2012Energy Department Order for Solar Power Projects.
384.09-08-2012Tentative Gradation List of JAC/BC & Accountant.
385.22-05-2012Action Plan for Micro Management in Mission Areas and Targets for Mission Items 2012-13.
386.16-03-2012Gradation List of Senior Storekeeper.
387.17-02-2012Final cadre allocation of the officers/workmen for Bihar & Jharkhand cadre vide Board’s Letter No. 18 dated 17-02-2012.