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SL Description
1.17-01-2019Regarding final roster point of Senior Storekeeper since 01.11.2012
2.17-01-2019Regarding transfer and posting of Miss Vibha Rani, Assistant IT Manager, ESSD, Marhaura (Chapra East), NBPDCL to SBPDCL vide Notification No.172 dated 17.01.2019
3.17-01-2019Regarding final gradation list of AE (Civil) vide Letter No.139 dated 15.01.2019
4.16-01-2019Regarding promotion to the post of EE(Civil) vide Notification No. 161 dated 16/01/2019
5.16-01-2019Regarding transfer and posting of Sri Kashinath Singh, Accountant, BTPS vide Office Order No.84 dated 15.01.2019
6.15-01-2019Regarding allocation of Quarter vide Office Order No. 81 dated 14/09/2019
7.11-01-2019Regarding final gradation list of Accounts Officers vide Letter No.131 dated 11.01.2019
8.11-01-2019Regarding resignation acceptance of Md. Nabeel Hobaira, Accounts Officer, ESD, Barauni, NBPDCL vide Office Order No.72 dated 10.01.2019
9.10-01-2019Regarding final roster point of Administrative Office vide Memo No.127 dated 10.01.2019
10.10-01-2019Regarding promotion of following Legal Supervisor to the post of Law Officer vide Notification No.123-125 dated 09.01.2019
11.09-01-2019Regarding final roster point of Law Officer vide Memo No.109 dated 08.01.2019
12.09-01-2019Regarding promotion of Senior Store Keeper to the post of Assistant Controller of Store vide Memo No. 119 dated 09/01/2019.
13.08-01-2019Regarding list of Office Superintendent completed combined tenure for promotion to the post of Administrative Officer vide Memo No. 76 dated 08.01.2019
14.08-01-2019Regarding promotion of Sri Raj Kumar, JAC, ESSD, Biharsarif, SBPDCL to the post of Accounts Assistant vide Office Order No. 60 dated 08.01.2019
15.08-01-2019Regarding transfer and posting of following employees vide office Order No.61 dated 08.01.2019
16.08-01-2019Regarding promotion of following Account Assistant to the post of Accountant vide Office Order No. 53 dated 08.01.2019
17.08-01-2019Regarding exemption from departmental exam for following JAC/ Billing Clerk and promoted to the post of Accounts Assistant vide Office Order No.54 dated 08.01.2019
18.08-01-2019Corrigendum regarding subject change in gradation list of Legal Supervisor vide Memo No.83 dated 08.01.2019
19.08-01-2019Regarding provisional Gradation list of Security Hawaldar vide Memo No.07 dated 08.01.2019
20.08-01-2019Regarding promotion of following Accountant (LPP) to the post of Account Officer vide Notification No. 78-80 dated 08.01.2019
21.08-01-2019Regarding promotion of following EEE (General) to the post of ESE (General) vide Notification No. 27-63 dated 05.01.2019
22.07-01-2019Regarding additional charge of Administrator, Master Trust, BSPHCL to Sri Bijendra Kumar Nirala, DGM (F&A), BSPHCL vide Notification No.67 dated 07.01.2019
23.05-01-2019Notice regarding National Strike vide Notification No. 42 dated 05/01/2019
24.05-01-2019Regarding promotion of Sri Surendra Prasad, Deputy Controller of Store to the post of Controller of Store vide Notification No. 65 dated 05.01.2019
25.05-01-2019Regarding transfer and posting of Sri Birju Ram, Chaukidar(Parichar) vide Office Order No. 43 dated 05/01/2019.
26.05-01-2019Regarding final Gradation List of Electrical Executive Engineers (General) vide Letter No.20 dated 04.01.2019
27.04-01-2019Regarding roster point of E.E (Civil) under promotional quota vide Letter No.19 dated 04.01.2019
28.04-01-2019Regarding gradation list of Legal Supervisor as on 03.01.2019 vide Memo No.33 dated 03.01.2019
29.03-01-2019Corrigendum regarding name change in Office Order No.01 dated 02.01.2019
30.03-01-2019Regarding tentative gradation list of Executive Engineer (C) vide Letter No. 2211 dated 31/12/18.
31.03-01-2019Regarding tentative gradation list of Assistant Controller of Store vide Letter No. 2212 dated 31/12/18.
32.03-01-2019Regarding formation of committee vide Order No.15 dated 02/01/2019
33.03-01-2019Regarding deputation of Sri Kumar Amit, Sr. Manager(F&A) to BSPGCL, Patna vide Notification no. 07 dated 03/01/2019.
34.02-01-2019Regarding promotion of following Correspondence Clerk to the post of Head Clerk vide Office Order No. 14 dated 02.01.2019
35.02-01-2019Regarding transfer and posting of following employees of BTPS, Begusarai vide Office Order No.01 dated 02.01.2019
36.02-01-2019Corrigendum regarding correction in the name of the post of Sri Amarjeet Kumar as AEE (GTO) in place of JEE (GTO) in Notification No. 2073 dated 26.12.2018
37.02-01-2019Regarding resignation acceptance of Sri Ashish Ranjan, AEE (GTO), GSS, Biharsarif, BSPTCL vide Notification No.2208 dated 31.12.2018
38.02-01-2019Regarding extension of contractual period of retired engineers for monitoring and spot visit of different electrification projects vide Office Order No.2364 dated 31.12.2018