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1.21-01-2020Regarding provisional gradation list of Accounts Assistant vide Memo No.31 dated 21.01.2020
2.20-01-2020Regarding Tentative Gradation List of Assistant Engineers (Civil) vide Letter No.91 dated 20.01.2020
3.18-01-2020Regarding formation of committee for Asset Declaration of employees of BSPHCL vide O.O. No. 47 dated 15.01.2020.
4.18-01-2020Regarding participation in Human Chain on dated 19.01.2020 vide O.O. 64 dated 18.01.2020.
5.17-01-2020Regarding nomination of Nodal Officers for Human Chain on dated 19.01.2020 vide O.O No. 56 dated 17.01.2020.
6.16-01-2020Regarding compilation of Master Data and Medical Form for the employees of BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies vide Memo No.14 dated 16.01.2020
7.16-01-2020Regarding transfer and posting of Sri Sunindra Kashyap, Technician Grade-III (SBO), (E17717) vide O.O.No.49 dated 15.01.2020
8.13-01-2020Regarding resignation acceptance of Mr. Nishant Kumar (EMP ID- E16309 , DOB-05.07.1993), AEE, MD Cell, NBPDCL vide O.O.No.30 dated 09.01.2020
9.13-01-2020Regarding resignation acceptance of Mr. Ankit Gogia (DOB-14.11.1992), AEE, IPDS, Company Hqr., SBPDCL vide O.O.No.30 dated 09.01.2020
10.13-01-2020राज्य सरकार के अनुरूप अविवाहित /परित्यक्ता /विधवा आश्रित पुत्रियों को 25 वर्ष की आयु सीमा के पश्चात पारिवारिक पेंशन के अनुमान्यता के सम्बन्ध में |
11.09-01-2020Regarding submission of Life Certificate of Retired employee of BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies vide Memo No. 21 dated 09.01.2020.
12.09-01-2020Regarding extension of operation of vehicle running under MRT sub division vide Office Order No. 24 dated 08/01/2020
13.08-01-2020Regarding inclusion of Sri Satyajeet Kumar, Advocate, Civil Court, Gaya in the Civil Court, Gaya, Panel of BSP(H)CL and its subsidiary companies vide O.O. No. 14 dated 07.01.2020.
14.08-01-2020Regarding transfer and posting of Srimati Sushmita Pramanik, Technician Grade-III (SBO-II), (E17511) 33/11 Kv PSS, Deshri, ESD, Hazipur, NBPDCL vide O.O.No.17 dated 07.01.2020
15.07-01-2020Income Declaration Forms for Financial Year 2019-20/ Assessment Year 2020-21 for pensioners.
16.07-01-2020Income Declaration Forms for Financial Year 2019-20/ Assessment Year 2020-21 for salaried employees.
17.07-01-2020वर्ष 2020 के लिए अधिसूचित अवकाशों की सूची में हज़रत मोहम्मद साहब का जन्म दिवस दिनांक 30.11.2020 के स्थान पर दिनांक 30.10.2020 को प्रतिस्थापित करने के सम्बन्ध में |
18.06-01-2020Regarding transfer and posting of Administrative Officers(Clerical Cadre) vide Notification No.04 dated 06.01.2020
19.03-01-2020Regarding Transfer/ Posting/ Additional Charge vide Notification No. 01, 02 and 03 dated 03/01/2020.