This section of the web site provides details of various regulations that have been issued by the BERC as well as important documents related to Tariff applicable.

 1.  Regulations
  1. Tariff Rate after govt. subsidy to Consumers (category-wise) against the tariff fixed by BERC for the FY 2017-18.
  2. Press Note regarding release of govt. subsidy to Consumers (category-wise) against the tariff fixed by BERC for the FY 2017-18.
  3. Full Tariff Order for FY 2010-11 given by BERC.
  4. Tariff Petition for the Year 2012-13.
  5. Bihar Electricity Supply Code, 2007.
  6. Bihar Electricity Supply Code, 2007 with 3 amendments.
  7. 1st Amendment to Bihar Electricity Supply Code, 2007.
  8. Standards of Performance (SoP) of Distribution License.
  9. Terms & Conditions for Determination of Tariff.
  10. (Appointment of Consultants) Regulations, 2005.
  11. (Conduct of Business) Regulations, 2005.
  12. Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum and Electricity Ombudsman Regulations.
  13. Regarding Financial Powers to the various authorities of Commission.
  14. Regarding grant of License for Distribution of Electricity in State of Bihar.
  15. Fees, Fines and Charges Regulations, 2006.
  16. Grid Code of Bihar 2010.
  17. Regarding grant of License for Intra-State Trading of Electricity.
  18. Regarding Levy Collection of Fees and Charges by SLDC.
  19. Licensing of Transmission of Electricity.
  20. Open Access Regulations.
  21. Procedure for Preferring Appeal before the the Appellate Authority Regulations.
  22. State Advisory Committee Regulations, 2005.
  23. Terms & Conditions for Tariff Determination from Solar Energy Sources - Regulation.
 2. The Electricity Act, 2003.
 3. National Electricity Policy.
 4. Tariff Order, 2008-2009.
 5. Schedule for Retail Tariff Rate and Terms & Condition of Supply for FY 2010-11 as per Annexure-5.1.
  Abstract of Tariff Order for Financial Year 2011-12.
 6. Fuel and Power Purchase Cost Adjustment (FPPCA) Charges.
  1. FPPCA order for period October, 2009 to March, 2009.
  2. FPPCA order for period April, 2009 to September, 2009.

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